VBOX Inertial Measurement Units(IMU)

VBOX Inertial Measurement Units(IMU)

● 1.2°/h bias drift
● ±450°/s angular rate range in each axis
● ±4 g acceleration range in each axis
● Internal temperature compensation
● 2.5 x 10-10 °/s angular rate resolution
● 5 x 10-14 g acceleration resolution
● CAN or Serial interface
● 0.03° RMS Pitch/Roll angle accuracy with VBOX 3i
● 0.15° RMS Yaw angle accuracy with VBOX 3i
● IP65/ IP67 with Lemo blanking plugs

High-precision measurements of pitch, roll, and yaw rate using three industry leading gyroscopes, as well as x, y, z acceleration via three accelerometers.
IMU05 is available in two versions. The regular model features three top-tier, highly accurate gyroscopes with a bias stability of 1.2°/hr, whilst the S model measures roll, pitch, and yaw rate using three outstanding MEMS high-precision gyroscopes that maintain a bias stability of just 0.8°/hr.

Both options can be used as a standalone sensor, with easy connectivity and configuration options through the CAN or serial interface or in conjunction with VBOX data loggers, allowing for precise synchronisation to GNSS time.

Data from the IMU can be seamlessly integrated with GNSS data from a VBOX 3i to enhance measurement accuracy when GNSS signal reception is interrupted or weakened. Used as an Inertial Navigation System (INS) the IMU05 will produce pitch and roll angles accurate to 0.03° RMS (0.02° RMS for IMU05-S), yaw angles accurate to 0.15° RMS (<0.1° RMS for IMU05-S) and smoother velocity data. This ensures reliable data even when satellite signal reception is compromised.