Vehicle stunts, which are too dangerous to be driven by a stuntman, can be realised unmanned with VEHICO driving robots. In this way spectacular driving scenes can be arranged without risk.
Example: Jaguar E-Pace World Record Jump

An impressive example is the world record jump at the world premiere of the Jaguar E-Pace on July 13th, 2017 in London. The E-Pace, at the final jump driven by the british stuntman Terry Grant, performed a 15.3 m jump, rotated 270° and landed savely on all four wheels. The final jump was enabled by numerous unmanned preparation jumps driven with VEHICO driving robots. Without exposing a driver to a too dangerous situation the right adjustment for the desired jump trajectory could be tested. It was particularly important to precisely transfer the results of the calculation for the vehicle movement before and on the ramp as well as during the landing phase.
Driving Robots from VHEICO are excellently suited for vehicle stunts
• stressable with accelerations up to several g
• choosable automatic or remote controlled driving
• nearly unlimited possibilities for defining the driving task
• secure operation with additional failsafe emergency brake robot
• high clocked communication to the vehicle provides fast intervention from outside