VBOX Sport

VBOX Sport

• 20Hz GPS engine
• Bluetooth interface to iPhone™ or iPad™
• Over 6hr battery life
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Internal or external GPS antenna
• Free Performance Test and Laptimer iPhone™ App available from Apple App Store
• Robust, waterproof, lightweight enclosure
• USB charging
• SD card logging
• Herbert Richter mounting system
• Free data analysis software
• Compatible with Harry's Lap Timer app, which is available for iOS and Android


VBOX Sport is a waterproof, battery powered 20Hz GPS data logger designed primarily to measure performance or lap times.

It can be used as a stand alone logger or connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth to see results in real-time using free apps supplied by Racelogic.

You can undertake the following performance tests with our free 'VBOX Sport Performance Test App' which you can download from the iTunesTM store. To find the app, search for 'VBOX Sport'.
• Acceleration Testing
• Brake Testing
• Zero to Zero Testing

The VBOX Sport records the following parameters as standard:
• Time
• Position
• Velocity
• Height
• Accumulated Distance
• Heading
You can also record other parameters, either by connecting to:
• your vehicle's CAN bus (RLVBMIC01C), or
• a suitable external input module

• Accuracy: 0.1 Km/h
• Units: Km/h or Mph
• Update rate: 20 Hz
• Minimum velocity: 0.1 Km/h
• Maximum velocity: 1800 km/h
• Resolution: 0.01 Km/h

• Accuracy: 0.5 %
• Maximum: 4 G
• Resolution: 0.01 G

• Resolution: 0.01° s
• Accuracy: ±0.2° s

• 2D Position: ±5m*
• Height:5m*

Recording options
• Record only when moving (default)
• Record start/stop button SD Card
• Type: SD card
• Usage: 8.7 Megabytes/hour whilst logging

Software - Apple
• VBOX Sport Performance Test
• VBOX Sport LapTimer
• VBOX Sport Diagnostics App Software - Windows
• Circuit Tools data analysis software

Environmental and Physical
• Size: 104.5mm x 72.8mm x 25.1mm
• Weight: 130g
• IP rating:
IP65 (with connector bungs fitted)
IP20 (without connector bungs fitted)
• Storage temperature:
-20°C to +60°C (max. limits)
-20°C to +35°C for maximum battery life
• Operating temperature:
-20°C to +55°C
0°C to +45°C (whilst charging battery - charger will shut down outside this range)
• Input Voltage: +5 Volts only
• Power: 2.5 W max. (charging)