Controlled Driving

Controlled Driving

CO.REMOTE is a system which combines a driving robot with a remote control. From the remote control signals from outside the vehicle are transmitted to the driving robot, which converts them in steering or pedal movements. With CO.REMOTE unmanned driving tests can be realized in a very simple way, where no driver should be inside the vehicle.

CO.REMOTE - principle design
The test vehicle is equipped with the necessary CO.ACT driving robot modules to operate the steering and pedals of the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle and test constellation a gearchange robot and an emergency brake system can be used additionally. By means of a radio link, the control commands are tansmitted from a remote control to the driving robot. Simple tests in the near range can be performed with a simple joystick, a classic lever remote control or a remote control gun. For higher demands alternatively, a steering wheel and pedals can be used as a remote control system, while an optional video camera provides online data from inside of the vehicle. With a visual feedback from the remote-controlled vehicle a nearly realistic driving behavior can be achieved.
The remote-controlled driving of a test vehicle has the following features:
• the driver seat remains free with installed driving robot and can be used for a dummy
• different remote controls, such as steering wheel and pedal systems, joystick or pistol grip remote controls can be connected
• expandable with video transmission from inside of the test vehicle
• simple test configuration without expensive sensor
• equipped vehicle can still be driven manually
• universally applicable for different vehicles
Controlled Driving
Range of Application
The range of application of CO.REMOTE covers unmanned vehicle testing, where no driver is allowed inside of the vehicle and where an easy system handling is of importance.

unmanned misuse testing
special tests in the crash area, such as roll-over tests
general tests, in which the driver would be exposed to large health burden