Noise Inspector

Noise Inspector

The Noise Inspector software is a turn key solution to visualize sound sources. Acoustic pictures and movies
show the user fast and directly where the noise is coming from. The user friendly interface guides the user
through the whole process from data aquisition through analysis to reporting. Many well-known and new
algorithms for getting detailed pictures are implemented in the software. A comprehensive reporting tool
allows the user a fast documentation and visualization of the results.
With the acoustic pictures and movies the next necessary development steps can be started.
The Noise Inspector Software is not a closed software solution, the export capability allows the usage of the
results and measurements on different software platforms. The raw data files and the result files are stored on
the hard disc in the TDMS-fileformat from National Instruments and can be read in external software easily.
The open LabVIEW and Matlab interface provides a simple way for our customers to develop their own
algorithms and to integrate these into the Noise Inspector, which is often used for research properties.

Pre-analysis in time and frequency domain
Noise Inspector

Comfortable reporting tool
Noise Inspector

Algorithms for best results
from 40 Hz
• SONAH - statistically optimized near field
acoustic holography
• Online-SONAH
• Online-Intensity
• Offline-Intensity
• Online 3D Intensity

from 350 Hz
• Standard Beamforming - very fast and robust
• EVOB (EigenValue Optimized Beamforming)
• Deconvolution algorithms
MUSIC - Multiple Signal Classification
Orthogonal Beamforming
And others
• Online Beamforming
• Online EVOB
• Real 3D beamforming - object is inside of the
microphone array
• Rotating beamforming - for fast rotating parts
• user - interface for your own methods
Noise Inspector

Noise Inspector
Noise Inspector