SoundCam Ultra 3

SoundCam Ultra 3

• 176 microphones at 200 kHz
• Live, on-screen results at 100 fps
• Very high sensitivitywith 176microphones
• Thermal imaging camera integrated
• Handheld and IP54 waterproof
• Integrated LEDs for illumination
• GPS incl. orientation*
• Re-definable frequency range*

SoundCam Ultra 3
With the SoundCam Ultra 3, compressed air, gas, vacuum leaks and partial discharges can be located quickly and analyzed in real-time. Condition-based monitoring, non-destructive testing, animal studies and general noise analysis extend the application possibilities. This is supported by the modes: Pro, Easy, Leakage and Partial Discharge.

With 176 microphones and a sampling rate of 200 kHz, the SoundCam Ultra 3 is leading in measurement sensitivity. The high sampling rate enables a wide frequency range from 2 kHz to 100 kHz for more sensitive detection and better noise suppression.

The results are shown on the display in real-time at 100 acoustic images per second. Thanks to the high frame rate of the acoustic video, transient sounds can be detected and it is easy to distinguish between transient and stationary sounds.

The video camera also has a high frame rate and a global shutter to reproduce fast-moving objects or rapid movements accurately. The high frame rate and the synchronization between the acoustic and optical video ensure high analysis accuracy.

The integrated thermal imaging camera enables the parallel evaluation of acoustic and thermal images for a more comprehensive analysis of events.

The Ultra 3 enables pinpoint monitoring and makes ultrasound audible through frequency modulation.

SoundCam Ultra 3

• Compressed air/gas/vacuumleak detection
• Partial discharge detection
• Condition-based monitoring
• Wildlife studies
• Non-destructive testing