VBOX Audio Sensor

VBOX Audio Sensor

●Differentiates between exterior environmental noise and required frequency
●User configurable for multiple frequencies to trigger sequentially
●User configurable to trigger off of ‘ALL' or ‘ANY' frequency in multi-frequency tones
●Built-in microphone suitable for most applications. Additional external ‘plug in' microphone included for high noise environments or concealed speaker units.
●Ability to add a fixed delay to the digital output
●Integrated LEDs for clear ON/OFF confirmation when a tone has been sensed/ triggered
●Immediate CAN output contains time since Audio Start as part of its message
●Digital output (0-5 V/ open drain compatible)   
●5 mm internal thread for rigid mounting within the vehicle using standard VBOX suction mounts

The VBOX Audio Sensor captures audible warnings such as given during FCW (Forward Collision Warning), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) and Safe Exit Assist/ Dooring scenarios. It can also be used to detect information functions given as part of Occupant Status Monitoring (OSM), Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) and Sign Post Recognition (SPR).

The sensor utilises its own custom-built software that is fully user configurable to react to any audible tone given by the vehicle under test.

Thresholds can be configured to detect the required frequency over the environmental noises from the test vehicle, such as road and car noise.

Where this unit differs from other similar sensors is that it can also be configured to detect high frequency haptic warnings using the audible tone of the vibration created.
VBOX Audio SensorVBOX Audio Sensor