VBOX Visual Sensor

VBOX Visual Sensor

●Triggers the onset of a visual warning or information function given by the test vehicle
●Compatible with Pulse Width Modulated warning LEDs
●Integrated repeater LED for visual confirmation when covering the warning
●Digital output (0-5 V/ open drain compatible)
●Flange casing for easy mount on flat surfaces

The VBOX Visual Sensor captures various visual warnings and information functions such as those given during Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Indication and Dooring scenarios. These visual warnings are captured by the unit and outputted either to a VBOX for an immediate pass / fail result based on the scenario OR directly into a driving robot for live reaction to a warning.

Designed to work alongside or independent to the other sensors within the VBOX ADAS Sensor Pack, the VBOX Visual Sensor is just one of an array of warning detection methods produced by VBOX designed to fulfil the requirements for UNECE, Euro NCAP and development purposes.