Steering Wheel Sensor

Steering Wheel Sensor

• CAN and analogue interface for connection to VBOX 3i or 3rd party data logger
• Ideal for tests such as ECE R79, ISO 4138 and ISO 7401
• 3 sensor variants, 50,100 & 200 Nm torque
• Steering angle resolution 0.1°
• Can be calibrated to ISO 17025 standard
• Quick and easy to install - supplied with a universal mount
• Does not interfere with the vehicle's steering wheel controls

The RACELOGIC Steering Torque Sensor is designed to
accurately measure a vehicle's steering angle or torque in
tests such as ECE R79, ISO 4138 and ISO 7401. It has a CAN
interface, which means you can connect the sensor directly
to the VBOX 3i Data logger.
The sensor is light and compact, with high dynamic response
and a fine resolution of steer angle (0.1°). Easy access push
buttons make it quick and simple to zero the steer angle and
torque, once mounting is complete.
Existing steering wheel functions, such as vehicle control
elements, will not be affected when using the Steering
Torque Sensor. A universal steering wheel adapter is also
included, making it quick and easy to mount to any vehicle,
without having to remove the actual steering wheel.