Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors

With update rates of 25 Hz and 100 Hz, VBOX Speed Sensors provide a high accuracy speed signal to augment your testing setup.
•High accuracy GNSS receiver
•Brake trigger input
•User configurable digital outputs
•CAN Bus output
•ISO/IEC: 17025:2017 calibrated

Speed Sensors
Which Speed Sensor is right for you?
Whether you're conducting brake testing, performance assessments, or lap timing, our Speed Sensors are the ultimate choice for non-contact measurement. Operating within a broad voltage range of 7 V to 30 V whilst consuming low current, they are a perfect fit for automotive testing, motorsport endeavors, marine applications, and telematics solutions.

Measuring a mere 9-14 cm in length and housed in a rugged, water-resistant enclosure, our units are incredibly easy to install and transport. You have a choice of two variants, depending on the update rate and accuracy you require.
Speed Sensors

VBOX Speed Sensor measures the following parameters at 25 or 100 samples per second.

Vertical Velocity
Longitudinal acceleration
Lateral acceleration
Trigger to zero distance
Trigger time
Trigger speed
Radius of Turn