Brake Temperature Sensors

Brake Temperature Sensors

• 4.3" TFT daylight readable capacitive touch
• 4 x high brightness LED indicators
• Up to 16 temperature points per sensor
• CAN Bus data output
• Removable protective rubber cover included
• 25 Hz GPS receiver with internal patch antenna
• SMA connector for external GPS antenna
(overrides internal antenna when connected)
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Racelogic Brake Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically designed to measure, log and display surface temperature of a brake disc,
providing invaluable information.

The display offers a visual representation of the whole surface temperature for all four brake discs via 64 individual heat maps, as well as live temperature and maximum temperature values.

Each sensor can measure up to 16 temperature points on an object with surface temperatures ranging from -20°C to 1100°C

Key Features

Brake Temperature Sensors

Our Brake Temperature Sensor Kit measures the highly transient surface temperature of a brake rotor at multiple points, making it possible to acquire the time-based temperature distribution across a rotor's surface in order to evaluate & optimize the pad pressure distribution, pad selection, cooling efficiency, braking efficiency, and hot spot formation from thermoelastic instabilities.

A sensor is capable of measuring temperature at 16, 8, and 4 points, at a sampling frequency of up to 100 Hz and an object temperature of between -20 to 1100˚C. All sensors are enclosed in a compact IP66 rated aluminium housing.

When bundled with the VBOX Touch data logger, you can measure, log and monitor the surface temperature for all four brake disks on a daylight readable 4.3" colour display. The brake temperature monitoring app will show a heat map for each sensor, live temperature and maximum temperature values.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Measurement Range: -20 °C to 1100 °C
Accuracy: ±2.0% FS for -20° C < Tp < 85° C
Field of View (FOV): 60° x 8°
Number of Channels: 16
Thermal Time Constant: 2 ms
Effective Emissivity: 0.01 – 1.00 (default = 0.55)
Spectral Range: 8 to 14 μm
Recommended Supply Voltage: 5 to 8 V
Supply Current: 30 mA

The brake temperature sensors can also be used with a VBOX Video HD2 data logger. The recorded temperature data is synchronised with the video and can be displayed as a real-time graphic overlay on the video footage.