Cost-effective GPS solutions to reduce tyre, fuel and maintenance costs for mining vehicles.

VBOX helps mining companies around the world to measure precise vehicle movements and report on site operations.

System Features
Video Synchronised with GPS Data
The videos below have been taken from Video VBOX Pro systems during two separate tyre studies on site. Both insets show camera views looking forward from the cabin roof.

In mining operations, tyres, fuel and maintenance are the major operational costs for a surface mine fleet. VBOX Mining Solutions can help reduce these operational costs, whilst improving performance and safety.

<Ctitle>Improve Tyre Selection
Increase Tyre Life
Reduce Tread Wear


VBOX TKPH studies are used to help choose the correct tyre compound to suit site operations. Optimising tyre selection is a priority for tyre management consultants as one of the major factors affecting earthmover tyre life. This results in potentially more wear-resistant compounds fitted to vehicles and significantly longer tyre life.

<Ctitle>Improve Haul Roads
Increase Component Life
Reduce Maintenance Costs


VBOX Haul Road studies are used to analyse circuit design with emphasis on corners and grade. With our software, individual cycles and multiple circuits can be compared and easily analysed. This results in improved haul road design, less fatigue for vehicle components, less unplanned downtime, higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

<Ctitle>Improve Driver Performance
Increase Productivity
Reduce Fuel Usage


VBOX Motion studies can be used to optimise productivity by analysing queuing time and vehicle speed. Estimating time of arrival at the load area enables operations to optimise a balance of maximum vehicle speed and excavator utilisation. This results in more visibility on driving style, improved driver performance, optimised productivity and less fuel burn.

<Ctitle>Improve Safety
Increase Investigation Data
Reduce Incidents


VBOX Incident studies use video synchronised with precise GPS data showing exactly what happened during the event – like a “black box” always keeping the most recent data available. Fitting cameras will deter drivers from careless behaviour as a preventative measure, but this also results in more data for driver training and root-cause-analysis should an incident occur.

Our Customers

VBOX data has been collected from various open cast mines in South America, Australia,New Zealand, and Africa, which has shown that many roads upon which the trucks have to haul their enormous loads have been constructed in a way that is detrimental to tyre life. [...]

Armed with this data, an operator can make changes that give their machines an easier life. [...]

Equipment such as that provided by Racelogic helps to reduce tyre wear caused by road inclination, road camber, load distribution, driver discipline, tyre pressure and ambient temperature. It is possible, also, to measure a site's road gradients and turns, and to improve tyre life and fuel consumption

A Continuous Improvement Initiative
The aim is to reduce heavy vehicle operational costs for surface fleets.
Below illustrates a typical VBOX fitment and the process to generate results.

VBOX HD Mining System
RACELOGIC's most sophisticated data logger, with optional HD video cameras.
Synchronises GPS data with video footage from up to 2 high definition cameras, logging to SD card or external USB drive
The only VBOX system with a circular buffer, so the most recent data will remain available as the system will delete the oldest files to make room for new files
Most useful for permanent fitment as a “black box” to capture GPS data for VBOX studies or investigate any events of interest – such as incidents, uncontrolled movements, tyre bursts or any significant change in operations

<Ctitle>VBOX Micro Mining System</Ctitle>
Logs data at up to 10 Hz directly to compact flash card
Long battery life captures several shifts on a single charge, independent of vehicle power supply
Most useful for quick temporary fitment during site visits to capture GPS data for TKPH modelling, driver analysis and haul road evaluation

<Ctitle>VBOX IISX Brake Test System</Ctitle>

Logs data at up to 20 Hz directly to SD card
Includes a VBOX Brake Trigger to measure exactly when the brake pedal is applied
Most useful for brake testing with up to ±10 cm brake stop distance accuracy

<Ctitle>Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)</Ctitle>
Combines 3x accelerometers and 3x gyroscopes in one module to connect with any VBOX system
Measures x, y, and z acceleration and yaw, pitch, and roll rates
Most useful for G-force analysis, haul road evaluation and corner design

Introducing VBOX Test Suite, a software package designed to make data analysis quick and easy
VBOX Test Suite is RACELOGIC's latest generation software platform designed with plugins to make repeatable tests quick and easy to conduct.

The first plugin designed for mining users is the TKPH plugin.

More mining plugins are in development and due for release in 2018. The aim is to deliver more software solutions to make VBOX studies easy and more functional thereby reducing time for engineers and consultants to conduct VBOX GPS studies.

<Ctitle>Cycle Information for Mining Users</Ctitle>
The TKPH plugin has been designed to help users investigate cycles and select the most appropriate tyre for site operations.
Measure operational site TKPH against rated tyre TKPH
• Compare cycle TKPH between multiple circuits
• TKPH corrections applied from tyre manufacturer specifications
• Also supports TMPH calculations

<Ctitle>Load & Dump Map Regions</Ctitle>
• Geo-fencing identifies cycles and circuits
• Software detects load status of vehicle based on precise vehicle movements

<Ctitle>Tyre Library</Ctitle>
Enter tyre specification data or choose from the preloaded library of tyre specifications

<Ctitle>Vehicle Specification Library</Ctitle>

Enter weight information for your vehicle or load from our database of common vehicles found on site